Praise the lord.
I have been suffering from pleural effusion (disorder of lungs) . It is very painful. The pain was very severe & I thought of having a scan. On the scanning table I just prayed to God - "without your wish nothing happens this disease you might have allowed to happen to me for some good reason. But I am not asking you to remove my disease but I am praying to you to give me strength to know the result and let my disease not affect my family happiness. And when the scan started my all time favorite angel Gabrielle wrapped me in his feathers and the result came there is pleural effusion but doctor said trust in God and go for medicine, don’t do surgery. I went for homoeo doctor and he said was very tensed at my report but didnt say a word and gave medicine and said you will be alright in two three days. I just saw and felt angel Gabrielle spoke to me and as doctor said within 5 days all pains stopped and no fluid in lungs too. Praise the lord.

In the first week of June 2016 Iexperienced a severe pain in stomach. I neglected it thinking it is gastritis. But for next two weeks it kept on increasing and I decided to do a scan on 27th June. I kept praying to God and on 26th (Sunday) during mass when communion was given, before I could keep it in the mouth, I prayed – “I take this communion in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Angel Gabrielle be in this bread and I will take it as medicine and kill the pain caused by evil spirits”. After the mass we went to our relatives house & market. Next day there was NO SIGN OF PAIN. A message to all when we pray, we should trust God not test whether God will cure or no.

Praise the Lord.
Date of Posting: 04 July 2016
Posted By: Liza Martis
Thank you Jesus, Praise you Jesus.

Last year I was going through very difficult times. I did not have good working conditions, financial position was very bad. One day I called Fr. Jerry to pray for me and my family. I had very strong faith in God that he would deliver me out of my problems. I started praying with deep faith and used to say Psalms 23, 91,121,126 everyday and almost times in a day. This year God had blessed me with good working conditions. My financial problems is solved.
Date of Posting: 20 June 2016
Posted By: Percy Crasto
Praise the lord,

In Psalm 91:11-12 for he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, so that you will not dash your foot against a stone."

True to his words God has given me a chance to serve him by rescuing me from the accident that I met with of 10th February 2016.

As usual after finishing my duty I went to pickup my wife who is working in A.J. Hospital. I was waiting for her in front of hospital gate by the highway side, I was hit by a lorry from back and the car in which I was sitting spinned around and hit against a milestone and got smashed completely from back. All this happened within no time. But I was not panic, being in the driver’s seat I felt somebody lifting me in their hands and I was safe even without a single scratch anywhere on my body. People surrounded the vehicle looking for the person inside. Astonishingly I opened the door, came out and thanked God for sending his angles to rescue me.

Thank you Jesus, glory be to God he has heard my prayers. He will hear me forever because I am in his hands.

Date of Posting: 18 February 2016
working in vibrant Chevrolet Mangalore, Mulki
Praise you Father Jesus, Holy Spirit and Mother Mary.

I am Sharal, from Dubai. I had come to Dubai in 2015 in search of job. Within 2 months I got the job in related to my field.

But I lost the job in the same year i.e. in month of November 2015. By God's grace I got a temporary job, mean while I was again searching for the job in my field and also I was listening to talks and healing prayers of Fr. Jerry and I had mailed Fr. Jerry to pray for me.

Lord is always merciful for those who pray in faith with him. I got the job in January 2016, but I had a problem of labor ban. (Labor ban mean employees are not allowed to work for 6 months or 1 year). I had got the ban of 6 months, the company where I got the job they said they will wait for only few days within that day I should clear this problem or else they will cancel my offer with them. As I told before I continued to hear the talks and Healing prayer of Fr. Jerry and prayed to God and starting working on lifting the ban. People in Labor office said that it might take 15 days or more than a month to process it. I was total worried, but I continued praying and I also got a reply to my mail from Fr .Jerry telling that he and all his team will be praying for me. I got the confidence.

Lord heard my prayers, On 3 of February 2016 my ban got canceled that to within 15 days. I praise and thank you Heavenly Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit for the blessings.

I would also Thank Fr. Jerry and all the members who prayed for me.
Date of Posting: 04 February 2016
Posted By: Sharal Lobo
Praise the Lord!!!!

Nothing is impossible for our Big God (Gen 18-14). Indeed I used to tell these words to my fiancée Hestan, everytime he asks me when will I get a call from my company. After being jobless for almost a year and trying hard in a new company ‘Norweigan Cruise Ship’ for a better post, the company repeatedly informed the process is almost done and then would inform him to wait. Because of all this he was very tensed and depressed. Recently a week back, I had sent Fr. Jerry a prayer request regarding the same.

No matter what you ask for, if you asked in faith, you will receive it (Mark 11:24). By God’s grace on Friday 15th January 2016, he got a call from the same company and was informed that he has to join the cruise ship on 29th January 2016 with the same post he had applied for. We are really amazed by this miracle. All praise and glory to our Jesus, who indeed is a living God and above all in this world. Yesterday, he went to Mumbai and got his joining date as well as his tickets.

I further pray that the faith we both have on Jesus may always remain strong so that we may be united and as next year we have planned our marriage let everything go on well. I know within less time he has to earn and do many things including building a new house and it seems almost impossible situation but I still trust Living Jesus who only can make this impossible situation possible.

I would like to personally thank each one of you for all your prayers and support. May God bless your ministry abundantly.

Thank you once again.
Date of Posting: 21 January 2016
Posted By: Mildred Rebello

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I came to your temple seeking your help,
With heart full of hurts and with bitterness overwhelmed,
With no strength in my bones, I reached at your gate,
You are a merciful God, who never shuns the lame.

With riches of your glory and love, you saved me from death,
Hands of scars lifted my life from the hell,
Cursed life was made new with your blessings and Holy Spirit,
In Jesus alone, I find my hope for living.

He will never turn his back from the one who seek him
Jesus is the morning star of those whose hope have become dim,
Take courage, take one step towards him in his name,
Look he will come running towards you, with love and grace

Bless the Lord, you who sinners made saint,
Proclaim his deeds all the days that you live,
For his love, what in return can we give,
Our life is the only best thing that we can give back to him.

- K. Maria Lobo, Mumbai