Right from the olden times referring to the Old Testament God sent many prophet’s to proclaim the good news and what God wanted to speak to his people to be known through His prophet’s. This present time God has sent Fr. Jerry as a prophet to us. If someone is reading my testimony and really want to hear from God, listen to Fr. Jerry.

I am Steevan from Chandor Goa. I was well settled and was having a good business, daily enjoying, good food, drinks, parties, picnics, no importance to God  Sunday Christian. This went on for many years suddenly there was a stop in my life. My business was gone my close relative over took all  my business and I was left with nothing. I had no job or any source of income. Being at home I started watching Rophe TV and was very much keen to listen to Fr. Jerry’s talks (sermon’s). I started attending Fr. Jerry’s retreats. After five retreats I spoke to Fr. Jerry about my life and expected some guidance. He was in a hurry. He told me only four sentences.

1. Whatever happened, happened for your good.
2. You do His work and He will do your work.
3. He will give you the best of the best work.
4. Read Psalm 127.

After coming home I meditated on these sentences and did nothing. On the third day I started reading Psalm 127 and reading Bible continuously. Reading Bible and listening to Fr. Jerry’s sermons I understood three things and started doing these three things.

1. Started praising God continuously day and night ARGAM LADIN from the book ‘Mohima Devak’ written by Fr. Jerry.
2. I forgave my enemies and started praying for them, their families, praying for their good health and for all their essential things.
3. I started giving my 1/10th and promised myself to do all this three things till my end.

I am retired from Army. Since 4 year’s I had applied for job in Sainik employment exchange. I had no reply from them since year’s. the same month after doing the above three things I got my first interview for Government job. I was rejected for not being a SC, ST. Next month I got another interview like wise in 8 month’s I got 7 government interview. On 2nd November 2012, I got two government interviews same day same time – one from Department of Police & 2nd from Department  of Agriculture. I phoned Fr. Jerry I was confused which interview to go. He told me to pray and He too will keep me in his prayer’s and God will show which interview to go. God showed me to go to Agriculture Department. I went for interview. There were 14 people in the interview list for 1 post. To my wonder no one attended the interview. I was the only one to attend interview. “This was the work of the Lord”. I was interviewed and the same day they told me that I was selected. After 4 days the Sarpanch and MLA from our locality came to my house twice and told my wife that they had recommended my name and helped me in my selected procedures (I had not approached them or taken any help from them). They had come to take bribe from me for the job which God had provided). Again I phoned Fr. Jerry about Sarpanch and MLA. He told me to start praying with these words. “Jesus you have given me this job. You take care of my job”. I started praying and praising God day and night. After this no one approached me. I got joining letter on 30 January 2013 in Agriculture Department (Govt.) without spending a penny. I remember Fr. Jerry’s words, you will get the best of the best job. I am enjoying my job. Office work ,5 days work, Saturday, Sunday off.

Now spiritually I feel a bit strong and closer to  my God. To those who do not have job do these three things what I have done through the guidance of Fr. Jerry

1. Praise God day and night
2. Forgive your enemies and pray for them
3. Give your 1/10th thithe share.

Thank you Fr. Jerry.

Praise the Lord!

- Steevan Fernandes, Goa.

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Pray because it is needed,
Needed to bring near your enemies end,
To end all those wrongs and hatred,
Prayer filled with Spirit and Truth is needed.

For joy and peace pray,
If you are sad and your feeling bad pray,
You are happy and your laughing praise,
Pray to God, praise the Lord everyday.

In the days your living lean on him,
At your death bed remember him,
Call unto him day and night,
For God alone can protect you and reach you out.

Only Jesus and no one else can listen to you,
Call unto Jesus, on whom even saints and angels leaned on too,
The end is near and the world will fade,
Only Jesus can save you from going to the Hades.

- K. Maria Lobo, Mumbai


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I am not afraid of anything,
Nor do I worry about a single thing,
I have kept my hope in suffering,
Whatever I do my aim is to meet his decrees.

Why should we be anxious when God is on our side?
Didn’t he tell each one of us that he cares for us day and night.
Trusting his promises I believe we can make through this hard time,
Believe in his gospel which is true and which will help you rise.

He is with us and also he is in us.
We are more powerful than anything in this universe.
Because we adore the God who made this world,
Because He lives in us, we will reign with him forever.

Trust in the Lord at all times you who have renewed your life in Jesus Christ,
Let not your heart be troubled because of sufferings and crisis.
Jesus Loves you and he will take care of your every single needs
You only need to be still and trust in his ways and timings.

- K. Maria Lobo, Mumbai